Show #167 - Anti Spin Rubber

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 2:57

When does enough training become too much?

#PQOTD - 6:50

What is the best advice you have received in a match?

The Sound of Topspin - 6:58

Ilia: Hi, when I was in a camp, coaches told me that a good topspin should have a soft gentle sound at contact. However, when I watch top players, their rackets 'click' all the time, even when they finish their strokes nice and high. So how could it be?

What is Anti Spin - 9:18

Tushar: What is a anti spin rubber? What are its advantages? Who uses them?

Using Anti Spin - 11:15

Jith: My daughter has started playing TT just a couple of months back with a readymade GKI kungfu racket. He had suggested a few blades. He has further suggested that she start with a anti spin rubber on one side and Mark V or Sriver on the other side.

Strong Open Up - 13:22

Ilia: I find strong open ups very difficult. I can do them in training with ~50% chance of success and use them in matches only occasionally. does it make sense to work on those aggressive shots, or it is better to concentrate on something else?

Playing against Dead Balls - 16:12

Romeo: My coach has always told me to take dead balls on the rise, topspin balls on the peak, and backspin balls on the fall. Recently, I have seen Ma Long do a backhand topspin off backspin shot on the rise. I noticed heeded it well. How?

Receiving Slow Topspin Serve - 18:42

Ernest: Can u tell me some options to receive a slow topspin serve? And which is the most effective stroke between those options?

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