Show #164 - Changing the Service Rule

8 years ago

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China Open Results - 2:38

Ma Long is Unstoppable

Last #PQOTD - 7:47

Who will win the China Open Men’s and Women’s singles?

#PQOTD - 8:39

Do you Boost?

Service Rule Discussion - 9:05

Should the service rule be changed?

In and Out - 14:21

Ilia: Footwork drills that I've seen so far focus solely on lateral movement. But sometimes an attacking player needs to move in and out. What are the best drills to practice this movement with attacking strokes?

Speed on Serves - 16:30

David: When performing a serve are you trying to make it with the maximum speed you’re able to produce with your arm +wrist or are you holding back since its not really worth it risk reward wise? I'm still learning and if I try to go really fast I miss.

New Table or New Robot? - 18:52

Mike: I really enjoy your website and the lessons. Thank you for helping me become a better player. I have a very inexpensive table and inexpensive robot. Which should I upgrade first? Should I buy a new robot (cost about $600) or table ($600).

Blade Maintenance - 20:22

Chris: I've spent about $250 for a Butterfly Innerforce ZLF blade. I've used it for almost a year now. I was now curious. After spending so much on a blade is there any significance or significant difference with the newer blades? Any tips on maintenance?

Getting Back After 3 Months - 23:20

Loong: I haven't played table tennis for 3-4 months, do you have a training method for me to recovery?

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