Show #163 - Waldner's Movement

7 years ago

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China Open - 0:55

We talk about how good the field is for the China Open

Last #PQOTD - 4:21

Who is the best server that you have played?

#PQOTD - 6:40

Who will win the China Open Men’s and Women’s singles?

This Day in History - 7:06

Alois struggles to find an interesting fact.

Tall Guy Update - 8:01

Brock: Hey PingSkills, I met my former rival the Tall Guy in a small tournament today and I beat him with 2-1 in matches, Match 1: 21 - 10, Match 2: 18 - 21, Match 3: 21 - 12. I feel unstoppable now ! ! !

Develop Counterloop or Short Game? - 8:40

Ilia: For an intermediate player, is it worth to learn and practice backhand counterloop? Or it is better to rely on pivoting and spend practice time on something else, like footwoork or short game?

Forehand Blocking - 10:00

Hao: When my opponent loops the ball to my centre or left, I would block it with my backhand. But when my opponent loops the ball to my right i would have problem blocking as the ball is too fast for me to block. what should i do?

Playing Too Safe - 13:14

Chris: I tend to play it safe too often and don't take as many chances as i like. Too often i feel like i fear that i'll make an aggressive shot and i'll miss the table or it'll hit the net. What can one do to mentally get over that?

Waldner’s Lack of Movement - 17:41

Reynel: Why doesn't JO move much in the game. This is what JO said that I’m curious about JO: I want to save my energy for the important balls, I am standing where the ball comes, that's why I don't have to move. I can read the game. Should i follow him?

Hitting with the Hand - 21:03

Ahmed: If the ball touch my playing hand, will I lose the point?

Cricket and Recovering from a Big Set Back - 22:14

Alois talks about England flogging Australia in the cricket and answers Nigel's question.

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