Show #162 - Zig Zag Serves

8 years ago

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This Day in History - 1:45

Atomic Bomb and Lucille Ball

Last #PQOTD - 4:10

What is bigger, the World Championships or Olympic Games for Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 6:15

Who is the best server that you have played?

Throwback Thursday - 9:44

Practicing Alone

Match Strategy Against Long Pimples - 10:17

Mike D: Hi guys! What is the best way to play against a player who blocks a lot with long pips on the backhand side, and has very good serves?

Zig Zag Serve - 13:54

Aryaman: Is it really possible to execute a zig zag serve?

Stop the 3rd Ball - 17:22

Dakota: I play a guy who at least 80% of the time will attempt to win the point on the third ball. He will attempt to attack both flicks and pushes. I usually tend to push long to backhand or wide to forehand. Should I try to really practice my short push?

Smoothing the Edges - 20:25

Bennett: Since it is more aerodynamic for something to have a smoothed edge instead of a flat edge like a square. Is it allowed for a racket to be smoothed near the edges for people who use their loop a lot. If it is allowed, do you think it is worth it?

Returning Fast Balls - 21:57

Johnny: I have a problem returning fast attacks. I don't have a problem if they attack to where I expect or prepare to return. But sometimes I just can't get to those unexpected attacks. Should I just watch the ball closely and react, or can I predict?

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