Show #159 - How to Get a Thin Contact

8 years ago

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Tournament Wrap Up - 4:53

ITTF World Tour, Pyongyang Open

Last #PQOTD - 7:43

What was the biggest factor that made you start playing Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 10:16

Is maths ability related to Table Tennis?

Generating Heavy Backspin - 10:58

Mike D: Hi guys, welcome back :) I try to vary speed and spin on my chops during a rally, but at times I feel that heavy back spin would help me more in certain situations. How do I put heavy back spin on the ball during a match?

Aussies Need Help - 13:20

Nigel: Enjoyed seeing England blitz the Australian cricket team here in the UK and it made me wonder if some table tennis coaching could help them read the spin and direction better. Perhaps some mental preparation would help also.

Right Foot Forward for Short Ball - 14:52

Marcin: Why it is so important for the right-hander forehand push/flick, as answer to a short ball, to put the right foot forward underneath the table? Instead if i go in with the Left foot, it feels as if i have more range where to place the ball. why?

Blocking Accuracy - 16:37

Siva: During the match, my topspin is around 60-70% accurate but when my opponent hits topspin, mostly I’ll miss the block. Even if I block, ball will go outside or will go to net. I tried to focus on the ball all time, but still I can’t get the confidence

Thin Contact - 19:40

David: I'm a beginner , I saw a few videos on the loop on youtube but when I try it the balls goes really far of the table, any tips or drills on how I can practice thin contact?

Serving Wide - 22:57

Sasha: I want to get my side spin more wide, something like He Zhe Wen. I have seen that video, and, whenever I try to serve I hit the ball with the edge of my blade, because I can't hit it on the side. What should be my blade angle and swing be?

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