Show #156 - Our Worst Show To Date

7 years ago

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20th July 1969 - 1:00

Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon

Pan American Games, Toronto - 2:08

Regional Games are a great opportunity to see different players in action

Last #PQOTD - 5:01

What is your favourite Football Team?

#PQOTD - 7:02

What is the coldest temperature you have played Table Tennis in?

Robot Balls - 7:23

Jeff M: I would like to start using my TT robot, but the manual says I should put balls into lukewarm water to minimise the chance of it clogging up the robot. Is it necessary? Can I just use a wet cloth to wipe each ball before I put them into the basket?

Relaxation Whilst Playing - 9:59

Romeo: I have seen you guys talk about not tensing your arm during a stroke, but what about the body? Should we relax our feet too? Or should they be tensed?

Ideal Serve Against a Chopper - 10:13

Jared: I was wondering what is the ideal service placement, speed and spin to use against choppers.

Patience - 11:22

Shaant: Now, I am more kind of an attacking player. In a regular game, I will only attack. My opponent can always chop and chop and chop, but I run out of patience. Can you please tell me what to do? What to do so that I don't run out of patience?

Club Websites - 13:34

Since Alois is gone and my pingskills clubmate needs advice, let's do a one-time Ask The Webmaster segment. What information and general stuff should a club website contain?

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