Show #155 - Rubber Suited for Plastic Balls

7 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:53

What is the most important part of your game? Technique, Tactics, Fitness and Mental?

#PQOTD - 6:13

What is your favourite Football Team?

Stroke Indecision - 7:18

Noel: Hello Alois & Jeff, sometimes I get caught whether to block or loop the 4th or 5th ball, that indecision gets the ball in the net for me. How can I avoid getting in this situation? Is it a matter of stepping back and start a rally or try to block wide?

Improving Table Tennis in the US - 9:44

Mike D: New Premium member here :) Compared to other players around the world, there is a huge gap on the level of play in the United States. How can the US become more competitive with the rest of the world?

Best Dancer - 13:21

Noel: Who is a better dancer? Alois or Jeff?

Rubber for Plastic Balls - 14:44

Akash: Is mark V rubber is suited for plastic balls? it is because, mark V rubber has least price and comfortable for us, but i can't find that, mark V rubber is suited against plastic balls?

Pros Slowing Down - 15:51

Mark: Do you think any pro players would do even better by reining in their game? I see so many points lost just barely missing the edge of the table, but it's hard to say whether a softer shot would just invite a heavier counterattack.

Two Coloured Balls - 18:36

Marcin: Two Coloured Balls in Chinese League. I think it was a great Idea for the Sport. Why didnt it work? Pros were, having more information on spin of the Serve for the receiver. So hiding or Disguising were no more a big deal. Longer rallies to watch.

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