Show #153 - Hiding Your Bat

7 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 3:41

How do you take in the Ask the Coach Shows? Blog, Youtube, Facebook or Podcast?

#PQOTD - 4:46

What is the best part of the site?

Drill of the Week - 5:11

Switching Dual/Duel

Forehand and Backhand Chop - 7:38

Brock: Can you please discuss these two shots?

Long Pimples for Modern Defenders - 9:45

Daniel: Why do modern defenders like Joo Sae Hyuk and Chen Wenxing use long pips on the backhand? Are there advantages or disadvantages with using inverted pips rubbers (as opposed to long pips) on the backhand for the modern defender style?

Top of the Bounce - 12:08

Chris: If I serve underspin and they recieve with a push long is there a height where you should switch from topspinning as the ball is falling to topspinning at the top of the bounce?

Rubber Thickness - 14:40

Amber: I wanted to know what are the differences in terms of 1. spin 2. speed 3. blocking for rubber with 1.8,1.9 and max. Which is recommended for backhand? I do not do lot of backhand topspin.

Hiding your Bat - 16:17

Bennett: I know its illegal to hide the ball during the service, but if I’m using two different rubbers, could I hide the bat behind my back right before the serve and as the toss is coming down i reveal my rubber giving my opponent less time to read it?

15,000 Counterhits - 18:28

Brock: Hey, my rival gets better everytime I meet him. He said that him and his buddy did 15.000 counterhits in a row, I think he beat your record Alois :(

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