Show #148 - Importance of the Basic Stance

7 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 2:27

What will Maharu Yoshimura be ranked in 12 months time?

Korean Open - 3:44

We discuss the results from the Korean Open World Tour Event

#PQOTD - 7:26

What rules in world sport are consistently overlooked and turned a blind eye to?

Technique Tuesday - 8:04

Backhand Topspin against Backspin

Pendulum Serve Success - 10:44

Chee: Hi Alois and Jeff! Last time i asked you all if i can do sidespin on the pendulum serve and i finally worked it out! I am now trying to get that sidespin pendulum serve well so that i can trick my opponents sometimes in my competition next year!

Sponge Thickness - 12:04

Mark: I have a carbon blade, and have opted for 1.5mm sponge rubbers to slow the setup down. However, while I have good control of some shots, I think I might be missing control on others. Should I be thinking about increasing the sponge thickness?

Playing Forehands - 13:25

Steve: hi, my Problem is to use the forehand. When I Play forehand Topspin, backspin or others in Training, it is not a Problem. In a match I only Play backhand (Long pimples). I´m unable to make a Point with forehand. What can I do in Training?

Getting Low - 16:33

Marv: I see that the professionals crouch down very low when preparing to receive a serve, but they always move before the ball is actually served, and receive the serve in a much taller stance. Why do they get so low when they never receive from there?

Attacking High Balls on the Backhand - 18:40

Dieudonné: Hi, favourite Olympians. I have a little trouble with somewhat high balls on my backhand. Do you think it's ok to push them rather than topspin them? Do professional players do that?

Olympians - 19:47

Chee: I just knew that Alois was an olympian coach and Jeff is an olympian. Never knew that until now. Good luck for next year"s games!

Importance of Bending the Knees - 20:17

Dieudonné: Hi again. I noticed players like Zhang Jike bend their knees as they return a fast ball with a quick close-to-the-table counter-attack? Is bending the knees a necessary part of the technique?

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