Show #147 - Should We Change the Way We Warm Up?

8 years ago

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This Day in History - 1:06

Alois presents an interesting fact about this day in history.

Last #PQOTD - 2:02

Have you ever hit a 'round the net' shot?

#PQOTD - 4:47

What will Maharu Yoshimura be ranked in 12 months time?

I'm So Lucky - 5:28

Johan: Oh, I'm so lucky! Only missed half of the number facts before I could connect. Any chance Alois could repeat back what you said so I don't miss out at all?

Drill of the Week - 6:48

Down the line warm up.

Numbers and History - 11:06

Noel: Hooray! Hooray! Now we have balance with number facts and this day in history! Way to go Gents!

Best Camcorders - 11:23

Noel: Hello Alois & Jeff, I see that a lot of players are using camcorders to record there play and there opponent. I might be interested in buying one of those camcorders. Can you name me a few I should look at?

Flicking Hard or Soft? - 13:37

Noel: Hello again coaches. If I want to flick a short sidespin backspin serve, do I open my bat and hit the ball aggressively on the bottom half or somewhat soft?

Badminton Drop Shot - 16:14

Peter: There is a great shot in badminton called dropshot from the rear court. I have never seen this in table tennis where a player is away from the table, shows a rapid arm movement and slows down shortly before contact with the ball. Is it possible?

Changing the Pendulum - 18:05

Ismail: I have done the pendulum serve for quite a long time and now my opponent is getting used to it. I am an attacker and want to know another serve I could use in game play.

Close Table Forehand Topspin - 21:11

Oliver: My strength is my forehand topspin which is effective when back from the table but now since I am close to the table, I often use my forehand block which is not as good as there is not much room. So how to play a close table powerful topspin?

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