Show #142 - Waldner’s Sidespin Block

7 years ago

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This Day in History - 0:48

Magna Carta signed - the Magna Carta was seen as a cornerstone in the development of democratic England by later generations.

Last #PQOTD - 1:54

Tell us the name of your club and the best thing about it.

#PQOTD  - 5:01

What is your favourite style of player to play against?

Footwork and Knees - 5:54

Ilia: I feel like active footwork puts tremendous stress on my knees. How to prevent and avoid knee injuries?

Sidespin with Wrist - 7:04

Dieudonné: Hi, dearest Jeff and Alois. I played against a leftie whose backhand relied very much on a movement of the wrist to put in some sidespin. I was impressed by the speed and efficiency of his backhand. Do you think that's something worth learning?

How to Return that Smash - 9:01

Brock: How can I block a low smash that is both fast and hard? My rival has a very strong power in his strokes and he smashes really fast and hard but is very low also. help me

Best Ever - 10:23

Brock: Who is the best TT player ever of all times?

Increasing Speed and Tempo - 10:40

Daniel: Speed seems to be my main weakness. My coach says that I need to increase the tempo of my game to reach the next level. Would you have any tips on improving the tempo and pace of my game?

Chinese Super League Rules - 12:36

Milos: Hi Alois & Jeff, The Chinese Super League has just started, and some 5-game matches were played. What's weird is that the decider games were played to just 7 points. Do you know why? Are they maybe trying to test a potential new rule?

Good Backhand Smash - 17:25

Dieudonné: Hi again. I tend to (jump and) smash high balls with my backhand with a nice flat swing. I have been told by players at my club it's quite an impressive shot, but I haven't seen any pro players do the same. Do you think it's a safe technique?

Power Without the Bend - 19:23

Thad: Since i have problems bending one of my legs, on my forehand top spin i have problems with the power behind the shot. is there anyway i can work around this.

Waldner’s Sidespin Block - 21:28

Abbas: Hi Jeff and Alois ,yesterday i was watching Waldner's matches from the past years and was amazed how he blocks with side spin on it and it looks difficult to return it can you please teach me how to do it.

Pushing Small and Gentle - 24:23

Johnny: My coach taught me to keep my push small and gentle. He told me to keep the movement small. I find this doesn't work against very heavy spins. I need to really come under the ball and slice it to get the ball over. should my push small and gentle?

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