From Garage To Club #270

6 years ago

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Welcome to the Ask the Coach Show #270 where we talk about how to progress from a garage, office, or basement, to playing at a table tennis club.


Jeff talks about starting playing in a garage and how some people perceive table tennis.

Be Brave and Join a Club - 1:40

We discuss common concerns people have about joining a club and give you some tips to be confident and take this important step.

Tip of the Week - 7:18

This week we talk about some easy ways to find a table tennis club. If you can find your National or State association then get in contact with them. Otherwise Google is your friend and there are a number of good websites that will help you find a club in your area.

Tournament Wrap - 9:49

Brazilian All Stars vs Olympic Legends

Remember When - 13:02

We take a look back to 1988, the year table tennis first appeared in the Olympic Games.

Drill of the Week - 18:35

This week we ask you to look differently at your on table warm up. Instead of always warming up with forehand to forehand followed by backhand to backhand, why not try hitting the ball anywhere?

Choosing a New Racket for a Club - 24:47

Nikhil: I've been playing mainly in an office and now want to improve. I think getting a new bat will play a big part in this. Do you have any recommendations?

My First Real Hit - 26:58

Andy: I've just visited a club for the first time and had a great experience. I'm now really keen to improve. What suggestions do you have to help me?

Re-using a Pre-made Bat - 29:38

Sujith - Can we reuse the paddle from a premade bat to make a custom bat? If yes, what should be the things to care about while making such a custom bat?

What does M & P stand for? - 33:02

Daniel - In the videos, what does the letter M and P stand for?  Who could view the M and P videos?  Are these videos available to the general public?

Stomping Your Foot While Serving - 34:27

Il: Is it illegal to stamp your foot while serving?

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