Ask The Coach Show #98 - Doubles Footwork

8 years ago

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Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 2:24

What is the most important stroke in Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 4:42

How do you watch the best players in the world?

Improving Against Tall Players - 5:15

Viktor (aka Brock): Do you have special tips to improve my game against the tall guy? I've noticed that I need more tips from legendary experts ;)

Advice for Big Players - 6:32

Matt: I just wanted to ask if you have any advice for big players as I am 6'7 300+ pounds I love both bodybuilding and table tennis, especially table tennis! But obviously being this size slows me down and I feel I am at a big disadvantage

Doubles Footwork - 10:29

Kaushik: In Doubles after serving I move to the side but often my partner complains that I do not move away from the line of the ball, making it difficult for him to return and I find myself out of position. What is the best way of moving?

How Much Training? - 14:42

Frendy: I just want to know how much training frequency in one week? Because from now on I'll practice 6 times in one week and the duration is 1 hour each day. But I afraid that it's too much and will make my condition bad.

Backhand Serves - 16:50

Maciej: When I started to work on doing more effective backhand serve, I see that these services are some great, some very bad. This is for sure something that I can work harder. One thing is the biggest problem is I throw the ball up and miss it.

Backhand Topspin Away From the Table - 19:18

Lukas: I've improved massively on the backhand topspin and the loop, but only close to the table. When I'm far away I can't seem to get a clean hit, and the ball just flies away. Any tips on how to do it far away from the table?

First Advanced Stroke - 22:33

Viktor: Which was the first advanced stroke you learnt?

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