Ask The Coach Show #96 - Tactics When Losing the Short Game

8 years ago

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100th Show Approaching - 1:06

Let us know your suggestions for a competition for our 100th show.

Friday’s #PQOTD - 2:08

Who is the best Female player at the moment? Who is favourite for the World Championships?

#PQOTD - 3:33

What suggestions do you have to make the Ask the Coach Shows even better?

Tall Guy Update - 4:03

Viktor (Brock): I played with the tall guy yesterday but i lost again but it was really close this time. match 1: 21- 19 and match 2: 32- 30 so I will keep practising so I can beat him very well ;)

Unglued Rubber - 4:38

Romeo: I removed my rubber as demonstrated on your video. While removing the rubber I remembered I did not have glue with me so I removed it entirely and placed it on again.To my surprise, it didn't come off. Is it alright for me to play with it like that?

Rubber Longevity - 5:33

Bhaswar: How do I increase the longevity of the rubber?

Butterfly Footwork - 6:30

Dieter: I was practicing the footwork for the butterfly drill today. When you are the one going down the line, the footwork is more comprehensive. Should I try switching with just one step or by doing two steps? (Cross court I can manage with one step)

Losing Short Game - 7:47

Rob: I love playing a fairly open attacking game but when my opponent slows me down by doing short (double bounce type) chops I sometimes get sucked in to a pushing game and find it hard to break out of that game to play the game I want.

Playing Two Pimples - 9:47

Sasha: Last night I was playing against a player with two types of pimples. He had short pimples on the forehand and long pimples on the backhand. What strategies should I use since there are two different rubbers?

Rankings - 11:15

Lukas: Could you explain how rankings work? For example the ITTF World Rankings. Is ranking different from each other in different countries, or is it the same all way?

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