Ask The Coach Show #88 - Table Tennis Terminology

9 years ago

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Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 1:14

Does a home ground make much difference to results in Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 2:46

Is Red really faster?  Which colour rubber do you use for your forehand?

No spin Tomahawk serve - 3:12

Johan: How would you go about making a tomahawk serve without much spin? Currently I do it by coming under the ball a lot and pushing it forward a bit... It looks like a no spin serve as a variation on pure backspin. Is there any subtler way?

Learning the Pendulum Serve - 6:19

Lukas: So when I watch Waldner play, I notice that he ALWAYS serves from his left corner. He does the same swing, but he moves his wrist differently, so he get's different spin most of the time. Is there a good way to learn to serve like this?

Random Footwork Drills - 8:51

Ilia: All the footwork drlls that I saw so far are regular,  the active person know where to expect the ball (unless they practice with an inconsistent partner). Does it make sense to add randomness to the footwork exercises?

Umpiring Call - 11:33

Phillip: When playing doubles and the server is serving very close to the center line, who has the call if the serve is in or out?  Specifically, if there is a disagreement, (there is no umpire or referee) does the server or receiver have the final say? 

Backhand Topspin Contact Point - 15:23

Lukas: I'm trying to get better at the backhand topspin (where you really twist your wrist before you do the stroke). It really depends where I hit on the racket, so I'm wondering; where is the contact point for this stroke?

Table Tennis Terms - 16:29

Steve: Terminology in Table Tennis?

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