Ask The Coach Show #87 - Returning Serve With Your Own Heavy Spin

8 years ago

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Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 1:23

Can Timo Boll & Ma Long win this year's World Doubles Championships?

#PQOTD - 4:06

Does a home ground make much difference to results in Table Tennis?

Jan Ove Waldner vs Ma Lin - 4:42

Brock: I have been watching some Jan Ove Waldner matches and I was wondering ' Can he match the level and beat players like Timo Boll or Ma Lin? Do you think Waldner would match that level these players are right now? He would crush them in his prime easy.

Forehand in a Wheelchair - 6:54

Calle: I sit in a wheelchair. The problem is that backhand goes very good, but I can't take forehands because then I need to move with the wheelchair, so what I choose to do is to hit with back there anything I can do to be able to hit forehand?

Neutralising Spin - 9:15

Johan: You talk about by making a heavy topspin, you will neutralise your opponent's spin. Does the same hold true for backspin or sidespin? If you get a really fine and fast brush, will it counter their spin in the same way as a heavy topspin?

Positive Attitude - 13:04

Lukas: On Friday, I was playing matches in my club. I was 2-0 down when I was playing my first match, but then I started telling myself: "I'm better than this guy", "I can beat him easily". I won the game 3-2 after that. Have you done this before?

Tips for Smashing - 14:24

Brock: Do you know a special tip to improve your backhand and forehand smash?

Plastic Ball Ready Rubbers? - 15:48

Matt: I was just wondering if a change of rubber is necessary for the new plastic balls as I haven't played with them yet, I have seen many stores selling rubbers that sell plastic ball ready rubbers and some that aren't plastic ready.

Changing Rubbers - 16:47

Ernest: Is it possible to move our old rubber to new blade?

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