Ask The Coach Show #83 - Defenders & Penholders

9 years ago

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Alois's Trick - 0:40

Rolling the Ball from Side to Side

Playing for Another Country - 2:28

We discuss the rules around playing for another country

Yesterday’s  #PQOTD - 6:53

When your opponent makes a service error, do you say "Thank you”?

#PQOTD - 9:33

How long can Samsonov stay competitive with the best in the World?

Sidespin Backspin Loops - 10:15

Brock: Your tip for the loop with backspin and sidespin didn't work, do you have any other tip to block it? I'm frustrated :D !!!!

I'm Improving - 12:40

Lukas: Today at school I played against one of the best player in my club, and he won 15-13, none of us were trying our hardest, but I was still happy about the result. He's been playing a LOT longer than me, so I think that I've improved a lot in just 4 weeks!

Tomahawk serve - 13:24

Huzaifa: I have seen many people doing the tomhawk serve and they say that it is a very special serve i don’t seem to see anything special in it   WHY?

Tomahawk vs Pendulum - 15:57

Brock: Which serve do you prefer, the pendulum or the tomahawk serve?

Wrist Position for Shakehand Grip - 16:47

Nick: It was recently suggested to me by a much better player (I'm a beginner) that I should keep my wrist angled a little down. He says it will be important to move to the next level. I have been using a straight wrist shakehand grip. What are your thoughts?

Improving Consistency in Serving - 18:46

Koekjes95: Hi pingskillers, After 10 years of playing I have developed quite effective serves. But still, I keep missing too much serves in a match. Do you have any tips to improve my consistency in serving?

Returning Topspin Serves - 20:25

Lukas: And also, when I get a heavy topspin serve, I tend to go a little back and loop the ball back. Should I continue doing that, or should I try and get used to the tips in your video on heavy topsin?

Balance - 21:54

Brock: How can I improve my balance?

Defenders & Penholders disappearing - 23:05

Viet: Nowadays, I see defenders and penholders are getting fewer. Most of top players now play shakehand style and attack. For example, Joo Se Hyuk is the only defender that is well known. Also, Xu Xin and Wang Hao are the only penholders.

Starting Quickly - 26:17

Nick: I am finding it takes me a long time (a couple of hours) of playing to really be able to play at my peak. Any advice or warmups that might help?

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