Ask The Coach Show #79 - Can Ovtcharov win in Qatar

8 years ago

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Yesterday's #PQOTD - 1:02

Without the Chinese players at the Qatar Open, can Ovtcharov win?

#PQOTD - 1:50

What are the critical factors for running a successful club?

Question 1 - 3:08

Andre: I’ve been think about this for a while now, why don't people hide their strokes, like their serves back in the day? I know it would be hard to master but adding side spin slightly to a topspin ball can really make the difference.

Question 2 - 6:10

Martinand: When we play slowly it's easy to know if I play with forehand or backand but when the play is quicker it's difficult to know where the ball arrive for the forehand we have to arm the arm before the ball arrives. Any suggestions?

Question 3 - 9:46

DK: Do you have any idea how to practise footwork and connect it with the stroke?

Question 4 - 13:17

Jake: In other sports, I've benefited from cross training (such as adding some swimming while training for track and field). Are there non-table tennis activities you recommend as part of a table tennis training program?

Question 5 - 15:00

Brock: Do you know a great table tennis exercise that is very effective?

Question 6 - 16:25

Brock: How is it going with your cube Alois?

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