Ask The Coach Show #78 - Coaching Players During Matches

8 years ago

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Yesterday's #PQOTD - 1:03

What are the critical factors that make the Chinese better?

#PQOTD - 3:56

Without the Chinese players at the Qatar Open, can Ovtcharov win?

Question 1 - 5:10

Abdul: What did you parents say about playing Table Tennis?

Question 2 - 5:53

Brock: How was your feeling after your first loss in a tournament? Did you became more nervous for other matches or did it get better?

Question 3 - 8:30

Anthony: When receiving serve, my opponent says that I can not move to step around or anything until the ball has left the racket. Is this true? Thanks.

Question 4 - 10:19

Malke: It was 10:9 for my opponent and he served the ball. He pretended to serve backspin service so I tried to push it back. The problem was the ball was so wet that it immediately fell down. Can I make the ball wet to manipulate the surface?

Question 5 - 13:02

Marcus: It was my turn to take the U13 team to their match. The doubles was 2:0 start but the boys just did not realise how the opponents corrected their game and adjusted. They lost the following 3 sets. I did not take any timeouts. Should I have?

Question 6 - 15:26

Andre: When playing forehand topspin, do you have the same angle for the bat when you focus on both spin and power? or when playing power close the bat and go more horizontal with my arm and forehand and spin more open and have a vertical stroke?

Question 7 - 18:06

Brock: This question is to Alois: Do you think your 1990's hairstyle can comeback again? ; )

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