Ask The Coach Show #76 - Tips for Practicing Serving

8 years ago

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Previous #PQOTD - 3:08

Have you played in a tournament?  If so what were your experiences at your first tournament?

#PQOTD - 4:26

In how many countries is Table Tennis played?

Question 1 - 5:30

Dieter: I’m following the Chinese trials and none of them were chole-ing ever. Have the Chinese eradicated this altogether or only in trials? Fan zendong used to cho after each point. Ma long would wipe the table. They’re doing nothing of the kind.

Question 2 - 7:37

Brock: Hey Pingskills! I practise harder than I have ever done before and I improves really much now. I played with the tall guy yesterday in he won with 21-12 so I'm pretty close ;) I've now noticed that he starts loop both fast long to the FD and BD area

Question 3 - 9:28

Zhang: How do you attack a ball that is over the table during a rally (not the first five balls)? My opponents blocks it back with backspin so it is over the table.

Question 4 - 11:32

Yazid: Hi Alois . What is the best way to serve. Power serve or slow serve?

Question 5 - 14:35

Brock: What is your best bat you recommend on your website?

Question 6 - 15:48

Abhiroop: I have seen many international right handed players like ma long stand extreme left or even the corner of the board taking a stance to return serves. Is it to open their dominant forehand? Why do they stay so low while receiving?