Ask The Coach Show #75 - Portugal’s future

9 years ago

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Yesterdays #PQOTD - 1:02

Where will Portugal be ranked at the end of 2015?

#PQOTD - 4:10

Have you played in a tournament?  If so what were your experiences at your first tournament?

Question 1 - 4:45

How do you do the spiniest serve so people cant return the ball on the table? Abdul

Question 2 - 6:14

How can I block a low heavy backspin, would a backhand push be good or have you any other ideas? Brock

Question 3 - 7:02

Which table tennis brand do you think is the best?

Question 4 - 8:10

How do you practice to not miss shots in sessions an how to lower your fear when playing in tournaments and how to play backhands like the pros? Abdul

Question 5 - 10:34

Tam: Hi Alois, I'm left handed and I'm having trouble with hitting wide shots is there a way I could improve this?

Question 6 - 12:26

Ilia: I use the pendulum and the reverse pendulum services in my play. I'm also a very forehand oriented player. My rivals often return my services with backspin to my backhand to force me to pivot. How can I "enforce" the service return to my forehand? 

Question 7 - 14:19

Abdullah: Is there a certain technique to multiball? My brother and I have tried it, but it ends up making a very awkward arc could you help us?

Question 8 - 16:01

Dakota: I have been thinking of looking for more control in my game. Should I simply drop my thickness from MAX down to maybe 1.8 and keep using Vega Pro or try a different slower rubber that has better control, but use MAX to retain spin? 

Question 9 - 17:43

How can i improve my table tennis reflexes?

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