Ask The Coach Show #74 - Importance of Backhands

9 years ago

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Yesterday's #PQOTD - 1:28

Has the backhand become more important over the last 10 years?

Question 1 - 3:38

How does Ma Long get so much power from his backhand? Abdul

Question 2 - 4:44

How do you do the fastest legal serve? Abdul

#PQOTD - 6:28

Where will Portugal be ranked at the end of 2015? 1 CHINA 2 GERMANY 3 JAPAN 4 KOREA REPUBLIC 5 PORTUGAL 6 CHINESE TAIPEI 7 HONG KONG 8 AUSTRIA 9 FRANCE 10 SWEDEN

Question 3 - 7:20

What's up PingSkills! My strokes improves very much every time I practise now :) i played with the tall guy yesterday and he won, he beat me easily. But I did win 5 points against him, he won 21- 5. I'm Proud :)))))) Just so you know ;)

Question 4 - 8:03

Recently I watched a live match. Do professional players really play better when they are cheered for? I doubt it... Several times it looked to me like Timo was standing at the table waiting for the spectators to calm down before he made his serve. Thomas

Question 5 - 12:43

If I practise a topspin everyone says that I should make the stroke relaxed. But when I relax and make the loop freely, it ends in the net or I miss the ball. Do you have any idea where is the mistake? DK

Question 6 - 15:45

I find that when I try to smash high returns from my opponent I frequently badly hit those with heavy backspin.  I'm ready for hitting a winner, and instead it dives into the net.  I feel suckered. What should I do if I see that type of shot? Richard

Question 7 - 18:18

Who is the better one out of Alois and Jeff? Abdul

Question 8 - 18:35

Do you think Jan Ove Waldner would play one more match before he retires? Brock

Question 9 - 19:08

I felt  that my backhand push became spinnier and more consistent after I employed my backhand serve more and more in my game. Is it just my feeling or is it true that player can improve his/her backhand push through practicing backhand serve? Erriza

Question 10 - 21:35

How old were you guys when you first compete in a tournament? Brock

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