Ask The Coach Show #73 - How Do You Learn?

9 years ago

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Previous #PQOTD - 1:00

How do you learn best? 1. Watching, 2. Hearing about it, 3. Doing and feeling or by 4. Getting lots of facts and figures.

#PQOTD - 4:02

Has Backhand become more important over the last 10 years?

Question 1 - 4:38

Can you give me tips how to join England team? Abdul

Question 2 - 7:23

I had a competition for 1 hour ago but I couldn't compete because I have bad knees. A doctor has also looked at my knees. But how can I strengthen my knee as it hurts? Can I stretch it out or what else can I do? Please help me :) Brock

Question 3 - 9:00

While my FH topspins, BH and footwork improved quite a bit I still struggle with consistent, powerful counter hitting after moving from BH to FH side. My coach insists on this stroke as a follow up after a pivot FH topspin or BH topspin. Matthias

Question 4 - 10:56

I was wondering if it's a good method to use 2 bats, 1 for training (slower bat) and the other (faster bat) for spare time? Because I'm a very offensive player. Benjamin

Question 5 - 12:31

Do you think that it is good to have a motivation in order to win? Everyone is continuously telling me that I have to be motivated and believe in myself on order to be good. But they also constantly condemning my defensive style. DK

Question 6 - 14:31

When someone sidespins the ball, I must move my bat to the side but I do that but it just goes over the table, what am i doing wrong? Brock

Question 7 - 15:31

I have a problem with returning no spin serves with my long pips backhand. I can do anything I want but the ball is always high and the opponent just smashes it. I am also trying to twiddle, but the result is always the same. Do you have any advice? DK