Ask The Coach Show #72 - Improving Your Concentration

8 years ago

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Yesterday's  #PQOTD - 1:50

Do you prefer Language or Mathematics?

#PQOTD - 3:13

How do you learn best? 1. Watching, 2. Hearing about it, 3. Doing and feeling or by 4. Getting lots of facts and figures.

Question 1 - 3:55

I have a trouble, When I practise in the club my strokes often hit the table but when i play in the school I miss the easy balls, Why?

Question 2 - 6:00

Can sticky rubber protectors stick to tacky rubber? If so, how does this affect the rubber. John

Question 3 - 6:51

I generate good power and control with my forehand. The problem is after playing for about 15 minutes my good shots just vanish. Is it a time question, like I will get better and will maintain the skills for longer or is it because I get tired? Aleksander

Question 4 - 10:47

When I play table tennis, it often happens that I miss the ball under the bat. Which mistake I do? I am very nervous to push on the ball, so I think that is the mistake. But can I find some other mistakes when the player miss the ball. Tobias

Question 5 - 12:06

Which is your favourite serve? Brock

Question 6 - 13:13

I have a problem with blocking topspins without much spin with my backhand. Every time when I try to block it, the ball goes into the net, even when I open the angle of the racket very much, so is there a special technique? Thanks Lukas

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