Ask The Coach Show #64 - World Tour Gets Rich

9 years ago

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Yesterdays  #PQOTD  - 2:15

Is there anything that you aren’t sure about with the service rule?

#PQOTD  - 3:59

How many different types of rubber have you tried?

Discussion - 4:20

$3m World Tour Prizemoney for 2015. New event in North Korea.

Question 1 - 6:25

I know I've asked this but I have forgot, how many years have you guys played table tennis? Brock

Question 2 - 7:30

Hey PingSkills! if i want to get better, should i train with someone better than me or someone alike me? 2: How can I block a short low backspin serve with a lot spin on it? should I do a backhand flick or what should i do? Help Me :) Brock

Question 3 - 8:50

Can a Backhand banana flick lift a short underspin serve? Jared

Question 4 - 11:58

One of my buddies would like to get better, but is a tennis player. As he likes to be back from the table it leaves him very open to well placed angled shots and drop shots. He is also quite stubborn about sticking with his current style. Dakota

Question 5 - 14:51

My opponent turns around and drives my service where do I do the service and what should I do? Srikanth

Question 6 - 17:47

So earlier today, I switched from penhold to shakehand, and my spin and backside were a lot better. My forehand and smashes were a bit worse though. But in general I was playing better. Should I keep playing shakehand? Lukas

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