Ask The Coach Show #58 - Zhang Jike's Footwork

8 years ago

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Yesterdays  #PQOTD   - 1:04

Should Table Tennis copy other sports and go to a reduced format like 20/20 cricket and Fast 4 Tennis?

#PQOTD - 2:53

Who do you think will be Number 1 in the World at the end of 2015 in Mens and Womens?

Question 1 - 3:26

If you must choose an opponent that you would want to meet, who would it be? Brock

Question 2 - 4:26

Who is your best Table Tennis Player of all time? Brock

Question 3 - 4:49

How often did you guys play table tennis when you were rookies? Brock Lesnar

Question 4 - 6:17

About the pendulum service when i practice this service i usually hit it in the net. I want to know how exactly to not hit it in the net or the judge calls a let. Am I supposed to draw back when I'm serving or there is a better way. Caylan

Question 5 - 8:35

Does height affect gameplay in table tennis? Jaydon

Question 6 - 9:42

In an old match from 2011, between Ma Long and Zhang Jike, if we leave everything else and just focus on Zhang Jike's feet I am mesmerized as to what level he has taken his footwork to. China excel in it. Are we missing some technical information? Arnab

Question 7 - 11:25

Some coaches don't like their players fooling around and do a lot of experimenting while they are playing or practicing. So is it necessary to always practice hard with seriousness, determination or hard work, or, it wouldn't hurt to have some fun? Arnab

Question 8 - 13:20

My friend says that if you angle your bat 45 degrees when you smash, the ball will land on more often. This tactic has worked for me, is it true? Or is it false?

Question 9 - 14:52

I use "yasaka phantom 009" on my backhand.I learned many serves from your helpful videos, thank you. Can you show and teach me some serves with this kind of rubbers. Siddharth

Question 10 - 16:32

What angle is the chop to generate spin? Brock

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