Ask The Coach Show #55 - Tactics Against a Good Flicker

8 years ago

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Previous #PQOTD  - 0:55

What is your Table Tennis Goal for 2015?

#PQOTD  - 1:36

What did you think of the results of the ITTF Star Awards?


Discussion - 1:49

World Cup results

Question 1 - 4:50

During a match my opponent started to read the spin of my serves very well. And then he started to flick aggressively every short serve or even my short receive of his serve. As the result, I lost many points to it. What would a good player do? Ilia

Question 2 - 7:49

I am not confident if I play a backhand smash or a forehand smash. So I rarely play them, is there a way to improve my confidence? Jukemc

Question 3 - 10:50

I am getting good with my forehand counterhit but do I wait till it becomes very consistent then learn a loop or switch between them? When to use counterhit and loop while playing? Am I right that professional use loops only and never counterhits? Mohammad

Question 4 - 13:07

Should I join a table tennis club? Jukemc

Question 5 - 14:09

Hi guys, during a point I hit a shot that tipped the net, bounced on top of the plastic side piece holding the net and spun back onto the table on the other side. I doubt I'll ever see that again but in case I do, how would you rule that? George

Question 6 - 15:28

When moving to the left should I start the move with my left or right foot, or does it make a difference? In the videos it seems that a move to the left is started with the right foot, and a move to the right is started with the left foot. Bill

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