Ask The Coach Show #54 - Farewell Wang Hao

8 years ago

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Previous  #PQOTD - 0:32

What has been your personal Table Tennis highlight of 2014?

#PQOTD   - 2:10

What is your Table Tennis Goal for 2015?

Discussion - 2:35

Wang Hao's Career

Question 1 - 5:45

Is it OK to stretch the rubber (inverted) when gluing it onto the blade? Jared

Question 2 - 6:58

You can use sidetape that covers a lot of the edge of the racket. This will help a bit, but unfortunately a lot of the rubbers are fragile and will chip on the edges. Gary

Question 3 - 8:23

My problem is that my techniques of forehand attacking a topspin and backspin ball interfere with each other. I try to play a lot 5th ball drills concentrating on switching between those two strokes and regulating the swing, can I do anything else? Ilia

Question 4 - 10:52

One of my friends continuously hits to the backhand side then forehand side. This is becoming a big issue since he makes me quickly lose control and balance. How do I play against him so that he wont be able to place ball? Akash

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