Ask The Coach Show #53 - The Floating Elbow

8 years ago

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Discussion - 0:52

What are the world ping pong records and which one do you think you can break?

Yesterdays  #PQOTD  - 3:25

Will you play Table Tennis on Christmas Day?

#PQOTD  - 4:17

What has been your personal Table Tennis highlight of 2014?

Question 1 - 4:37

Which side should be your forehand the knubby or smooth side? Jacob Llewellyn

Question 2 - 6:58

I have been practicing my slow topspin and found a way to not get bored, and i was wondering if i do 10000 slow forehand topspin's in a week can I make my stroke consistent enough to start generating speed? Is this good practice? Pasquale

Question 3 - 9:16

I find that on my forehand my elbow wants to come up after the stroke. Like I am willing the ball to go over the net and hit the table. Should I be concerned? Is it that my stroke is too close to my body meaning I should use my whole arm? Daniel Martinez

Question 4 - 13:04

What are the differences between chopping with short pips and chopping with long pips? I'm very aware of the differences between the 2 types of rubber but do you have any tips on how to achieve a consistent short pips chop on my backhand.

Question 5 - 16:07

Can you settle an argument? I say that once the ball has left the palm of the server in doubles if the non playing hands of any of the 4 players touches the playing surface during the rally then it is a fault regardless of whose turn it is. Les

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