Ask The Coach Show #49 - Getting Angry

9 years ago

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Yesterday's  #PQOTD  - 0:46

Can Ovtcharov win a major title in the future?

#PQOTD  - 2:30

Is Tenergy worth the cost?

Question 1 - 2:50

Do you have any experience regarding how long a rubber glued on a racket keeps its quality when NOT played with? Thomas

Question 2 - 4:29

I've been focusing more on a faster pace but a lot of my shots end up hitting the table towards the middle providing my opponent with an easy-to-block ball and I'm thinking I should change that approach to hit with less power and more placement. Gary

Question 3 - 6:19

I lose my temper while losing points and after losing my temper I am uncontrollable. I probably lost 14-15 matches after losing my temper and broken 1-2 bats after losing matches. Kindly looking for your response. Sundaram

Question 4 - 9:57

Is there any exercise in order to practise my reflexes? Nick

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