Ask The Coach Show #48 - Relax for a Powerful Forehand

9 years ago

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Yesterdays  #PQOTD - 3:00

Pick the ITTF World Tour Finals winners - Congratulations Luc Jike on winning our Premium membership for 1 month.

#PQOTD - 4:28

Can Ovtcharov win a major title in the future?

Question 1 - 5:08

Can we learn anything from pro games at all? I come from a board game background (Go) and in pro matches in that area so much is going on under the surface that any learning based on it is mostly illusionary. Dieter

Question 2 - 9:00

Hi Jeff and Alois, is there any video response about the sidespin backhand topspin? Thanks, Nick

Question 3 - 10:52

Hello, I tend to bend my wrist when playing forehand. I have heard that it is a bad habit, how can I change that?

Question 4 - 12:50

Hi PingSkills, how does Ma Long have such a powerful forehand? Tam

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