Ask The Coach Show #47 - Pick the World Tour Grand Final Winners

9 years ago

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Yesterdays  #PQOTD  - 1:04

Do you remember your first tournament?

#PQOTD  - 4:18

Write down the Mens & Womens Singles World Tour Grand Final Winners as a comment on the Blog to this show and win a free 1 Month Premium membership. First to name both winners on the PingSkills blog wins. You are only allowed one guess.

Question 1 - 6:27

I heard the term "dummy loop" on some table tennis blog that I can't quite recall. It had a vague definition and I couldn't quite grasp the concept. What is it? Sawyer Meverden

Question 2 - 10:00

I see a few players serving with a "pick axe” motion a shakehand version of Wang Hao's service. I don't understand why a professional is serving this way, because there seems to be hardly any wrist action. I must admit that they are hard to read. Dieter

Question 3 - 13:28

I have been unable to return balls which dribble over the net. Often they are hit hard and I am expecting them to come fast and far back. Is it possible to increase reaction speed to the point that you could lunge forward and return it? Adam

Question 4 - 15:40

Some friends of mine said that my game is very predictable, like hitting the ball back right at where it come from, and some other stuff. I often lose because of this. I'm a looper, and how to fix this? Erriza

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