Ask The Coach Show #45 - Ma Lin's Awesome Flick

8 years ago

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Discussion - 1:10

2014 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals. The Draw is out.

Response to Yesterday's  #PQOTD  - 4:30

In what year will a Non Chinese player win a World Mens singles championship? - 2031 :)

#PQOTD  - 7:09

Why are left handers over represented on the World Rankings list? Xu Xin and Ding Ning are both number 1.

Question 1 - 7:32

Can you explain to me the Ma Lin awesome flick? Nick V

Question 2 - 9:17

I am a defender, my opponent attacks on my forehand and I would play a very fast deep chop but my opponent just plays it short and I need to run for it. So is it right to play a fast, deep chop or should I play a normal chop allowing him to attack? Rutvik

Question 3 - 13:52

I struggle with my backhand topspin against loose/dead balls which are just dropping of the edge of the table. I also sometimes find myself doing the stroke either in slow motion or too much vertical, why? Mudit

Question 4 - 16:48

I played against a top player in my school. I lost points when he does a very fast topspin serve to my Backhand side. Sometimes I can return with an attacking topspin stroke. But then he increased the speed and sometimes put a little sidespin. Nicho

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