Ask The Coach Show #44 - 10,000 Counterhits

8 years ago

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Response to Yesterday's  #PQOTD   - 1:07

How many counterhits can you do in a row?

 #PQOTD   - 4:04

In what year will a Non Chinese player win a World Mens singles championship?

Question 1 - 4:26

I see lot of discussions here on footwork but am not able to understand why it is required cus I have seen many players in my colony not using efficient footwork but can play very well. Chandrachur

Question 2 - 7:26

When using long pips what is the proper stroke to use against another long pips no spin ( dead) return assuming you are not going to twiddle to the inverted side? Should this stroke be only defensive or can it be use more offensively? Jeremiah

Question 3 - 9:48

How many sets are required to win a match? I thought that the game is 3 of 5 sets till 11 points, but now i see matches with 4 of 7 sets. Is it fixed value or depends on tournament or judges? Or rules are changed? Dimitar Dimitrov

Question 4 - 11:31

l bought a Grass D Tecs rubber last year and l am very happy with it , After playing a match this week my opponent was not happy , and produced a list of legal rubber which he stated it was not on his list and declared my rubber illegal. Robert Atwell

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