Ask The Coach Show #43 - The New Plastic Balls

9 years ago

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Response to Friday's  #PQOTD  - 0:56

When should local clubs start using the Plastic balls?

Discussion - 3:56

World Junior Championships results, Chinese dominance and choppers.

 #PQOTD  - 6:04

How many counterhits can you do in a row?

Question 1 - 6:16

After watching your demonstration of how to execute pure backspin on serving by contacting the ball underneath with a completely flat level bat please advise how you impart enough forward movement to get the ball up the table and over the net. Thanks. Les

Question 2 - 9:14

I am a penhold player, and I play at my local high schools, table tennis club, I have difficult doing a backhand when people hit the ball hard and fast, and also when they hit in the middle, How do I have a strong backhand while playing penhold grip? Ben

Question 3 - 11:00

I’m not sure if you guys have a video of it but i was wondering what the rules are when it comes to accidentally hit the ball with the finger or the racket handle, the ball goes over the net, and hits the other side of the table. Jayce Soberano

Question 4 - 13:30

I am having a hard time with my forehand loops. It seems that I am able to loop it because it is a long ball but when I hit it I feel very awkward because it feels like the ball is too close to the table for me to do a proper forehand loop. Any tips? Mark