Ask The Coach Show #40 - Shut Down a Killer Forehand

8 years ago

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Our Response to Yesterday's  #QOTD   - 0:25

How many different serves do you use

PingSkillers Question of the Day - 1:58

Would Waldner survive in the modern game?

Question 1 - 2:23

In a match against Xu Xin, Samsonov seemed to put him under all sorts of pressure, almost as if he cut Xu Xin down to size by not letting him play that fast forehand. Was there something wrong with Xu Xin in that match, or was it Samsonov’s game? Shripathi

Question 2 - 8:19

I have a problem when they do topspin stroke, I block but sometimes they heavy topspin and sometimes it has no spin, so when i block it, it sometimes goes out or net. What should I do to keep the block on the table and know how much spin it has? Long

Question 3 - 12:06

i have a major problem witch is that i know a lot about ping pong but when i start a match i scare a lot and i lose ! plzzz help! Ramzi

Question 4 - 14:24

If my head moves up or down because of my stance does it matter in judging a ball? Should its position remain at same height all the time? Should I constantly look at the ball during play or shifting the sight between ball and opponent? Ahsan Ali

Question 5 - 16:38

For Backhand serve, where should I stand? Maybe more than one position? Should I have my left foot in front ( I am right handed), right foot in front, or feet even? Anthony Capasso

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