Ask The Coach Show #39 - Spin Reversal

8 years ago

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Response to the  #QOTD  - 0:36

Should edge balls be ruled out?

PingSkillers  #QOTD  - 2:07

How many different serves do you use?

Question 1 - 2:23

When a topspin ball hits a bat with pimples, the rotation isn't reversed, so it comes back with backspin. In table tennis terminology this is spin reversal, while actually it is spin continuance the ball keeps spinning in the same direction right? Thomas K

Question 2 - 5:14

When it's 10-8 for my opponent and it's my serve, what type of serve should I do if I want to do a comeback, or does it just depend of the player your playing against. And also if I am the one leading 10-8 what serve should I use to finish the set. Luke W

Question 3 - 8:32

Finally i was able to join in. So i only have 2-3 hours daily for working on my table tennis and i want to rework on my game from basics. So should i start with stroke mechanics and then footwork ? and in which order should i learn strokes ?

Question 4 - 12:11

I've got a question. How do you determine whether a rubber has long pips or medium pips? Do you measure its length? If so, how? Thanks! Kong Wen Ge

Question 5 - 15:51

I've noticed that most players have more than one serve. Is this a good idea? If so please could you recommend another serve or other serves that I should try to learn? I currently only use the pendulum serve. Matthew

Question 6 - 18:48

Another question guys : Difference between european and Chinese looping style and pros and cons of both.

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