Ask The Coach Show #37 - Troubles with Short High Backspin Ball

9 years ago

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Our response to yesterdays #OOTD - 0:32


PingSkillers Question of the Day - 3:14

Could your club survive without its volunteers?

Question 1 - 3:30

Is it OK to use ordinary varnish like plastic varnish or wood varnish and what benefits does it gives?? thank you. Jared Yulo

Question 2 - 5:17

I often get into a position whereby my opponent has made a mistake and returned the ball back very high and short but with backspin. I feel that this ought to be an easy kill but I seem to put it in the net way way too often. Dan Shoop

Question 3 - 7:48

Do you lose a point when the server’s racket touches the table on a serve? I believed that its not allowed for the paddle to touch the table when serving however its allowed other times. Please clarify. Ubayeedurrahman

Question 4 - 9:57

I want to share you that that I am short. So can you suggest me some serves which are good for me and effective spin serves because I am not able to do good serves because of my height. Kosheen

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