Ask The Coach Show #36 - All Out Attack

9 years ago

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Our Response to Yesterdays #QOTD - 0:53


PingSkillers Question of the Day - 2:40

What percentage of your serves are short as opposed to long?

Question 1 - 3:00

I like to attack when the ball is long or high. However my footwork is not that good and topspins are not consistent. People suggest that I should not try to topspin everything. Sometimes if I play more passively I win more points. What’s better? Ilia

Question 2 - 7:25

Have u heard of Desmond Douglas? Lloyd Taylor

Question 3 - 10:07

I was playing in a tournament at my local club and one of my opponents was blocking the view of the contact with his free hand. He would likely have beaten me anyway, but I had no chance to return service effectively with him blocking my view. Gary McAdams

Question 4 - 12:53

I have been playing tt for 2 years but haven't improved much because I haven’t had proper guidance. When doing forehand topspin I can't get the length right or transfer my weight. I have improved during shadow play but how to improve in practice? Raut

Question 5 - 16:00

Can you tell me how I should practice my high toss serve. Sometimes I dont even get the bat to hit the ball while its falling. When I practice the serve should I practice for about 45 minutes. Sachintha

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