Ask The Coach Show #35 - Which Serve is Best?

8 years ago

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Discussion - 0:19

The ITTF World Tour Grand Finals

PingSkillers Question of the Day - 4:06

Have you ever seen yourself play on video and did you find it useful?

Question 1 - 5:25

Should players allow their opponent to examine each others rackets before a match? - Shezie

Question 2 - 6:34

Is it better to serve short topspin serve or would it be better to serve short side spin serve. Or a short side topsin serve? Luke

Question 3 - 8:48

Should I first explain grip, let them play with proper grip. Then stance, footwork, ball mechanics, full strokes etc etc? Or should I explain a full stroke including all those aspects and then correct all aspects together while observing? Dieter

Question 4 - 11:37

When i go to tournaments, i see some players playing a long stroke and some playing short stroke. Which will suit me best? and what factors does it count for the type of stroke i play? Which is the more advisable stroke, short or long? Earl

Question 5 - 14:38

How does Kenta do his tomahawk serve both reverse and normal one, it is quite difficult to return that serve. Could you give me some clue to make that serve even better. Long

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