Ask The Coach Show #34 - Pure Backspin

9 years ago

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PingSkillers Question of the Day - 0:19

Who is the best player in the World at the moment? Men's and Women's.

Question 1 - 1:51

How could I achieve pure heavy back spin serve with Pendulum motion and no side spin on it? So as soon as the opponent touches the ball it goes straight into net. Salman

Question 2 - 5:26

I've just bought a new rubber and realised that i have glue but out of sponge to apply it to my rubber. I thought that regular sponge can be used as an alternative but it will just soak the glue. Is there any other method to apply the glue. Utkarsh

Question 3 - 7:00

Can you please tell what and how should a defender practice? Rutvik Thakkar

Question 4 - 9:56

I'm a pretty advanced player but I'm looking to maximise spin when I chop but it usually either goes well up into the air or lands in the net. Any advice for this? Joshua Griffiths

Links in this Episode

Training Drills

Footwork for Defenders

Pendulum Serve Video at 1:19