Ask The Coach Show #33 - Blocking Sidespin Topspins

9 years ago

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PingSkillers Question of the Day - 0:27

Jun Mizutani heads the standings for the World Tour Grand Finals and won the title in 2010. But can he win the title again?

Question 1 - 2:14

I can't return hook and fade sidespin topspins effectively. Please tell me an effective way to return them. Kaustubh

Question 2 - 5:45

Hello. What is the difference between forehand loop and forehand drive? When is the appropriate time to use each one? What is the hand movement like? Karan Sagar

Question 3 - 9:28

I am wondering what main differences are with the backspin reverse pendulum serve and a standard backspin pendulum serve. Which is easier for almost everyone to do? Stanley Wong

Question 4 - 11:56

Is it right that different types of top sheets tacky & non-tacky, have a different type of protection? Can you give some explanations? Ernest Wahyu

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Terminlogy: Loop vs Topspin

Pendulum Serve

Reverse Pendulum Serve

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