Ask The Coach Show #32 - What Should You Serve After a Let?

8 years ago

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PingSkillers Question of the Day - 0:21

Should the ITTF bring in a time limit between points?

Question 1 - 3:06

What is the difference between pimple in and out rubber? I had heard about long pimple rubbers which are for chopping and defending can there be long pimple rubber which has its pimple in? I am going to change from pimple in rubber to pimple out. Nick

Question 2 - 5:22

I have this problem because I want to get my arm to my eyebrow for the forehand topspin so then my strokes are too vertical. I was told to shoot through the ball but I'm unable to stop myself from playing vertically. How can I hit through and not up? C Cc

Question 3 - 7:10

I try and do a forehand topspin but it keeps on hitting the net help? Kian

Question 4 - 8:31

As a lefty I've seen you hit a forehand and forehand smash with a curve to the right side of the table. Can you do a curve (screwball) to the left side with a forehand? What about a backhand smash screwball? Rex

Question 5 - 10:28

When I make a let serve touching the net, should I make the same serve again or make another serve? Kaustubh

Question 6 - 13:43

What do you think of the plastic ball is it better than the original? Kian

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