Ask The Coach Show #30 - Shattering Balls

9 years ago

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PingSkillers Question of the Day - 0:44

Should you beat a weaker opponent 11-0 if you can?

Question 1 - 2:10

I am a lefty. Lately a righty has been serving down my forehand side and I automatically return to his backhand for which he kills me most of the time. I stand to the middle of the table on his service and find myself tripping over my feet. George Byron

Question 2 - 4:42

Can I attack a heavy backspin with a flat shot without topspin? Once I hit a backspin flat batted and it placed on the table more like a smash. But it doesn`t work on loose backspins. Can I hit that ball like that? Tharindu Dinethra

Question 3 - 6:35

Hi I was wondering if the glue you use makes a difference to the speed of the bat and if it affects the spin. Or are all glues the same? Shea Kiely

Question 4 - 7:41

During a match that I had, I made a smash and the ball broke during the impact, making me miss my shot. Would that be a let, or my opponent's point? Shawn