Ask The Coach Show #3 - Modified Grip for Serving

8 years ago

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Question 1 - 0:25

Sir, as I play table tennis, while playing too fast the ball sometimes hits my fingers and the whole game goes wrong. So how to prevent it? Rishabh

Question 2 - 2:24

I was having problems with countering services with combined spin like the topspin with sidespin services. How to counter them? Pat

Question 3 - 5:49

My coach told me to hold the bat differently when i am serving, but in my last competition i felt that i didn't manage to change the grip on the bat fast enough after i am serving, so when my opponent returns my serve. David

Question 4 - 8:13

I am facing difficulty while countering the high returns bouncing just on the end of the table. I often play close to the table and I have an attacking style of play. I know this is an unusual weakness but can you guide me how counter these. Mukul