Ask The Coach Show #29 - Expedite System in Action

9 years ago

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PingSkillers Question of the Day - 0:40

Should the rules of Table Tennis be continuously evolving?

Question 1 - 2:45

My style of playing table tennis is as an attacker But when is the time to defense just like block or chop? As I only try to attack the ball as an attacker. Frendy Halim

Question 2 - 5:18

I have switched over to the shakehand grip and long pips on my backhand. I play 95% of my balls on the backhand. What are the best strokes to use with long pips to fool the other player? The group I play with hit about 75% underspin. Craig Smith

Question 3 - 8:40

Can you please explain what rule is being exercised in this rally and why the point was given to Ai Fukuhara? Arnab Ghosh

Question 4 - 14:24

Can I hit the ball with the side of my racket? it create some good speed, and it's also surprising. is it legal? Chezki Indursky

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