Ask The Coach Show #28 - Using Your Shoe as a Bat

8 years ago

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PingSkillers Question of the Day - 0:37

Who is your inspiration?

Question 1 - 2:45

I've recently seen your video about amazing tricks where you played holding a shoe. This reminded me of a video of Zhang jike where he returned ball with his shoe (worn shoe). Is that legal? And how can I perform it? Siddharth Shah

Question 2 - 4:02

Whenever I try to loop the ball or topspin the ball I've noticed that it's easier to loop whenever I get lower. I am able to have more leverage on the ball. Is this a good solution? Todd Fee

Question 3 - 5:39

What is the reason that so many players use a thinner sponge on their backhand than on their forehand side? To me as a beginner who wants to develop forehand and backhand equally, this wouldn´t make sense, right? Thomas Kunzfeld

Question 4 - 7:00

I noticed that in videos from the 80s and before, players tended to bounce the ball off the floor before points. In contrast, players today tend to bounce the ball on the table, if at all. What caused this change. Was a rule created? BG

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