Ask the Coach Show #251 - We're Back

7 years ago

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April Fools - 0:44

Alois doesn't really have a job at the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Tournament Wrap - 1:36

ITTF-Latin America Olympic Qualification Tournament

Last #PQOTD - 4:21 

Should edge balls and net balls be considered out?

#PQOTD - 7:18

What do you serve at match point?

On This Day - 7:39

Robert Downey Jnr was born

Head Shot Video - 8:48

Was Alois deliberately aiming at Jeff's head 

World Table Tennis Day April 6th - 9:59

Get involved in this great initiative by the ITTF

Two Winged Loopers - 11:19

Ilia: Among two-winged loopers some players are more forehand oriented and pivot a lot, some are more backhand oriented. How one can find its own style to follow?

Random Drills Problem - 13:47

Sebastian: I have a question of technique when playing random drills. How should I move my racket and position myself when i don't know if the next shot will be a forehand or a backhand. I mostly have problem playing backhand after a forehand.

Forehand Across Your Body - 16:39

Bhavesh: I have seen the lessons and many times you mention that the forehand topspin stroke shouldn't go past the midline of the body. Unforunately I feel I'm habituated to go past the mid line of the body in almost every forehand stroke.

Teaching My Dad the Basics - 19:21

Timmy: Hey. I'm trying to teach my dad how to play table tennis, and i don't really know any good way on how to teach him how to hit a basic backhand or a basic forehand. He's a beginner. Do you know easy exercises that i can use to teach my dad?

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