Ask The Coach Show #25 - Starting With a Fast Bat is a Bad Idea

9 years ago

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PingSkillers Question of the Day - 0:20

Is the Chinese National championships harder to win than the Olympics?

Question 1 - 2:22

How and when to move to ready position after you've made a pendulum serve from the backhand corner with your left leg in front of you. Should you move into position when you know where your opponent will place the return or as soon as you’ve served? Robin

Question 2 - 4:41

Why Can't We Start With a Fast Bat? Why do we need different blades and rubber? Why we can't start with a higher topspin or power? Can I buy Pingskills Touch Vega Pro Bat for my second Bat? Kritpol

Question 3 - 8:00

I recently purchased a small table tennis table and I was wondering what kind of training will I be able to do with a small table? Enoch Oppong

Question 4 - 9:53

Is it a good move to chop smash and why none of the professional players use it? Petar

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