Ask the Coach Show #24 – Using 2 Bats

9 years ago

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PingSkillers Question of the Day - 0:22

What style of player do you find hardest to compete against?

Question 1 - 1:38

Can I play 2 sports at a same time. In my school I play table tennis and basketball. So Is it ok if I play both at the same time? Or will basketball ruin my table tennis stroke because of the heavy ball? What is your opinion? Jethro

Question 2 - 4:14

What is the right leg position while playing a punch? Which leg should be in front while playing a forehand punch and which when playing a backhand punch? Kaustubh

Question 3 - 6:21

I can already do a backhand flick on a short backspin serve but not really on the forehand side. I can do it from the middle of the table but I'm not quick enough to move to the forehand side. Is there a trick to know where it is coming? Rob J

Question 4 - 8:33

I used to play hard bat and was able to beat some better opponents using it. Since I have moved to a sponge bat my better opponents are beating me. Can I change to my old hard bat playing a better player and change back to my sponge bat for the others? Stan